A few words about us

InnerValue -  an investor relations department of InnerCorp, created by a team of experienced capital market and investment specialists. We have completed a number of investor relations projects for companies listed on the Warsaw stock market.

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Our offer

Our offer within investor relations includes:

  • share issue support (IPO, SPO and Private Placement)
  • ensuring effective communication with the market and financial media
  • preparation of informational materials, press releases, presentations and reports for capital market participants
  • managing the investor relations department on issuer's website
  • consulting in creation of a long-term communication policy of the company and support in proper performance of disclosure obligations






Clients about us

“Thanks to active support in investor relations, CD Projekt group and the entire PC games department are becoming more known and understandable for the capital markets. Our friends at InnerValue are really engaged in what we do together”

Adam Kiciński,

 Chairman of the Board of CD Projekt




ENEA honoured in "The Best Annual Report 2013" competition (21.10.2014)

ENEA was honoured in "The Best Annual Report 2013" competition for the best presentation of financial results in the report on operations. The award is given each year for the best reporting companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The organiser of the competition is the Accounting and Taxation Institute, and the strategic partner - the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

On 17 October a glam final gala was held during which the awards and distinctions were handed for the best annual reports of companies from the regulated and alternative market. The competition jury, composed of representatives of the capital market institutions, advisory and auditing companies, financial institutes and the media, appreciated the Report of the Management Board on operations of ENEA Group in 2013.


IMC Agricultural Group operating in Ukraine, completed the harvest of winter wheat last week. The average crop yield before drying and purification was 5.2 t/ha. Grain was harvested from the area of ​​8.5 thousand ha.

The yield of winter wheat was about 6% better than in 2013 (4.9 t/ha) and 37% higher from the average for Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Food and Agricultural Policy average yield of winter wheat in Ukraine as of 31 July was 3.8 t/ha.

The results achieved by IMC are also higher from the Company's plans before the season. The Company’s management assumed that after drying and purification the wheat yield shall amount to 4.8 t/ha this year.  As a result, the yield of IMC winter wheat (measured after loading onto the elevator) amounted to 5.1 t/ha, i.e. 6% higher from the plan.


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